Roger Desserprit – Abstract Composition – Gouache

Desserprit painting on paper

“An art become spatial by the penetration of light in the work, an art whose design and execution are based on the simultaneity of the aspects in the three dimensions not suggested, but tangible”. ~ Roger Desserprit, manifesto of 1951

Roger Desserprit (French 1923-1985)

Untitled Composition (Abstract)


Gouache on paper


Signed & Dated Lower Right

31½” x 25½” paper

37″ x 31¼” framed 


In 1946 Desserprit met the South American artist Carmelo Arden Quin who introduced him to the South American artistic community and to the MADI movement that Quin initiated in 1946 Brazil. In 1949 he participated in the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles (Salon of the New Reality).

MADI is an international art movement focusing on geometric shapes that spill out of the traditional frame. MADI artists refuse to make the object representative. Instead, the focus is on the object and the colors themselves. The movement dates to the mid-1940s in Buenos Aires where artist Carmelo Arden Quin articulated the ideas that became the basis of the MADI Movement.

This work from 1973 is in line with the artist’s evolution. The lines are becoming more flowing, seemingly liberated from the anterior formalism. The light brings its contribution by its connection to space, abolishing the notions of measure and technique.