Needle Art and Textiles

  • Needle Art and Textiles

    Needle art sometimes needs glazing (glass or acrylic sheeting) and sometimes it doesn’t. Fabric mats, floated above the needle art, stacked mouldings, or shadow box depth moulding, creates enough depth to provide room for air exchange around the textile while adding a visual richness. Padding with polyester batting will enhance the needle art’s three-dimensional look. The edge of the needle art should not come in contact with a wooden frame and should be separated from it with an aluminum barrier tape. At Gallery of Framing we work hard to get the grain of the fabric straight to the frame edge and everything is completely reversible and non-damaging. We will treat your piece of needle art with the same love and care that you used to create it, when we frame.

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  • Teddy bear needle art in Presto burl frame.

      Teddy bear needle art in Presto burl frame