Shadowbox and Display Cases

  • Shadowboxes and Display Cases

    Creating a shadow box to keep and display your family mementos is something we love to do at Gallery of Framing. Medals or awards with a photograph of the person who earned them along with a name-plate create a treasure not just for today’s generation, but also for tomorrow’s. Wouldn’t you love to have a box with military medals of your grandfather or great-grandfather? What about the awards that your grandmother or great grandmother has won? What about the medals or awards that you personally have won? Don’t you think your great grandchildren would love a keepsake like that to pass down to their children? Get those items out of the drawer or storage and allow us to put them into a display case for people to enjoy.

    A display case is made to show a special object. As in a museum, the display case should make it so the collectible is easily viewed, provide protection and look beautiful.

    We know how important these items are to you and your family, that’s why at Gallery of Framing we treat every piece like it was our own. Allow us to make your piece of art become the treasure it is to everyone who views it with shadow boxes and display cases!

  • shadow boxes and display cases