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    Even before you choose the frame for your custom project, we generally choose the mats. They not only provide a protection barrier between the glass and your artwork, but they serve a decorative quality too. Matting colors are generally an extension of the art so as not to be noticed before the art but to enhance it and offer some breathing room before the frame.

    We offer a complete palette of colors to perfectly customize the mats for your framing. The Rag Mats of Crescent and Alpha-Cellulose Mats of Bainbridge and Artique will protect your artwork from acid burn, and are fade and bleed resistant. Not only do quality mats give prominence to the art, they help protect it.

    Gallery of Framing proudly uses Valiani Computerized Mat Cutters

    To thousands of loyal framers throughout the world Valiani Computerized Mat Cutters represent the quality and expertise that we represent at Gallery of Framing. With Valiani, we gained more than a reliable manufacture, we gained a partner as committed to the frame business as we are.

    Making the best products and offering you the right choices, no matter what the framing need. The Valiani Computerized Mat Cutter offers over 500 presets as well as allows us to custom design how you want your mat to be cut.

    Decorative Mat Embellishment?

    Drawing on the surface of the mat, special corners cut by hand, beautiful papers and fabrics to cover mats, and ‘V” grooves cut into the surface can immeasurably add to the enjoyment of the art when it is hanging on the wall. There are many fillets choices (a small decorative inner moulding) and finishes that add texture and space inside the matting lip or the frame itself for contrast. Bevel Accents also add depth and contrast. The secret is to know when to use decorative touches and how much will enhance the work of art. Sometimes the simplest designs are the best. At Gallery of Framing we want to share with you are ideas to help make you item one of a kind.

    Gallery of Framing proudly services the areas of Akron, Bath, Copley, Richfield, Green, Unlontown, Cuyahoga Falls, Stow & Munroe Falls

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