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Here is a selection from ourĀ Art Gallery. STOP IN to see more great artwork for your home!

Jazz pianist Les McCann
Les McCann – Yellow Flowers Watercolor
Wine labels
Napa Valley Wine Label Poster
Signed art glass
Art Glass Vase
Tara Donovan print
Tara Donovan – Rubber Band Print
Friedlaender print
Johnny Friedlaender – Images in a Garden I
Friedlaender print 1970
Johnny Friedlaender – 3 Poems II
Russian etching
Olga Nikolaevna Christova – Beklemishevskaya Tower
Kazuhisa Honda Print
Kazuhisa Honda Mezzotint – Green
Mackley woodcut
George Mackley – Woodcut
Mackley wood engraving
George Mackley – Woodcut
Lee Oscar artist musician
Lee Oskar – Someday
Street art, graffiti art
anBao aka: BREED – Voices
Outsider art, graffiti art
anBao aka: BREED – Like Son Day
Street art, graffiti art
anBao aka: BREED – Eye See You
Graffiti art, outsider art
anBao aka: BREED – Filet Mignon
Street art, graffiti art
anBao aka: BREED – Basic Concepts
Street art, graffiti art, BREED
anBao aka: BREED – Dinner For 4
Etching print
Claude Bogratchew – Masques et Visages
Etching print
Claude Bogratchew – Don Juan
Commune near Normandy, France
Bertrand Dorny – Etretat
Drypoint print
Dewitt Hardy – Two Trains Passing in the Rain
Dorny Triptych print
Bertrand Dorny – Les Trois Fenetres Triptych
Dorny Print
Bertrand Dorny – La Grande Muraille
Dorny print
Bertrand Dorny – Le Dacs
Dorny print
Bertrand Dorny – Etiquette de Vin
L. Davril 20th century prints
Lucien Dasselborne – “Le Rayon de Lune”
2006 Side Street Projects, Phantom Ball Print
Tim Hawkinson – Bird Box
Todd Hirsch acrylic painting
THH70 – Full Tilt Boogie
Hirsch painting acrylic on paper
THH 70 – $10,000 Buddha
Affiche Exposition La Hune aquatint
Bertrand Dorny – La Hune
Color lithograph ship port
Edwin Fulwider – Port of Seattle
David Lanberg
David Lan Bar (Lanberg) Abstract Gouache
Local artisan woodcrafter
Hand Turned Wooden Wine Bottle Stoppers
#56 - color etching
Josef Eidenberger – Linz Rooftops – Austria
#90 Blick auf Salzburg - color etching
Josef Eidenberger – Salzburg, Austria General View
#88 Salzburg, St. Peter - color etching
Josef Eidenberger – Salzburg, St. Peter’s Gate
#002 Blick Wien vom Hochhaus
Josef Eidenberger – Vienna, General View
#199 San Francisco, Waterfront, USA - color etching
Josef Eidenberger – San Francisco Waterfront
#73 Krumlov - color etching
Josef Eidenberger – Krumlov, Czech Republic
#40 Schloss Pottenbrun - color etching
Josef Eidenberger – Pottenbrun Castle
Ciaran Lennon Giclee 2013
Lennon – Giclee
Les McCann Watercolor of Miles Davis
Les McCann – Miles Davis Watercolor
McWilliams Spine Serigraph
Simon McWilliams – Spine
McWIlliams Red Apartments Serigraph
Simon McWilliams – Red Apartments
Kersels Tripping Photos
Martin Kersels – Tripping Photographs
Cleveland Print Club
Jack Tworkov – Lithograph – Cleveland Print Club
Fierro, Michelle
Michelle Fierro – Mixed Media
Jimmy Baker painting
Jimmy Baker – Painting
Gillian Leigh painting
Gillian Leigh – Painting
Dennis Kleidon
Dennis Kleidon – Painting
Tomoe Yokoi
Tomoe Yokoi – Mezzotint
Tomoe Yokoi mezzotint
Tomoe Yokoi Mezzotint
Limited edition cigarette packs
Camel Cigarettes – Hirst, Goldin & Chiappa
watercolor drawing
Ted Davis – Watercolor
etching print
Leonard Baskin – Engraving
wood engraving
George Mackley – Woodcut
Wood engraving
SOLD – George Mackley – Woodcut
Canal Boats
George Mackley – Woodcut
Taliesin in Blue
Dennis Kleidon – Painting
ceramic bowl
SOLD Craig Bird – Ceramic Bowl
print after original painting
SOLD – April Murphy – Print
Cityscape Giclee
Alexander MacFaul – Giclee
Walter Malaka Watercolor
Walter Malaka – Watercolor
Nate Dunn pastel
Nate Dunn – Pastel Drawing
Henry Hitchings watercolor
Henry Hitchings – Watercolor
Roland Roycraft watercolor
SOLD – Roland Roycraft – Watercolor
20th Century American - Painting
SOLD – 20th Century American – Painting
M.E. Hobbs watercolor
M.E. Hobbs – Watercolor
Tico Torres oil painting
Tico Torres – Painting
Miles Davis marker drawing
Miles Davis – Marker Drawing
Miles Davis colored marker drawing
Miles Davis – Marker Drawing
Miles Davis acrylic painting
Miles Davis – Painting
Robert Breer lithograph print
Robert Breer – Lithograph
Susan Anker cast paper pulp
Suzanne Anker – Artwork
Ciaran Lennon folded paper artwork
Lennon – Folded Paper
Brian Sharp Lithograph Print Portfolio
Brian Sharp – Lithographs
Giclee print
Simon McWilliams – Giclee
McCann original watercolor
Les McCann – Watercolor
Honda mezzotint print
Kazuhisa Honda – Mezzotint
Johnny Friedlaender etching
Johnny Friedlaender – 3 Poems III
Tanna Kasimir-Hoernes color etching
SOLD – Tanna Kasimir Hoernes – Etching
John Taylor Arms etching print
John Taylor Arms – Etching
Les McCann acrylic flowers
Les McCann – Painting
Laurent Schkolnyk color print
Laurent Schkolnyk – Mezzotint
Japanese Style Ceramics
Craig Bird Ceramics
Anton Sekeresh Monoprint print
Anton Sekeresh – Monoprint
reptile etching
David Hunter – Etching
Bertrand Dorny aquatint print
Bertrand Dorny – BAT
Paul Evans Giclee
Paul Evans – Giclee
Mia Tarney Giclee
Mia Tarney – Giclee
Douglas Gray giclee
Douglas Gray – Giclee
David Crisp giclee
SOLD Dan Crisp – Giclee
Becky Blair Flowers
Becky Blair – Giclee
Leon Dolice etching print
Leon Dolice – Etching
Train lithograph
Edwin Fulwider – Lithograph
John C. Haley Mixed Media
John C. Haley – Mixed Media
James Welling - Inkjet Print
James Welling – Inkjet Print
Rose flower Mezzotint
Kazuhisa Honda – Mezzotint
Claude Bogratchew illustrated book
Claude Bogratchew – Illustrated Book
Radca ceramics
Tom Radca – Square Ceramic Plate
Vasquez Parra painting
Antonio Vasquez Parra – Painting
19th Century steam Ship
Artist Unknown – Stone Lithograph
Cigar Advertisment print
Artist Unknown – Stone Lithograph
Pitcher vase pear mezzotint
SOLD – Laurent Schkolnyk – Mezzotint
Engle Abstract
Jules Engle – Mixed Media
Lancaster abstract watercolor / gouache
Mark Lancaster – Gouache
Radca 19 inch Plate
Tom Radca – Ceramic
Roy Dowel abstract print
Roy Dowell – Lithograph
Roy Dowel Abstract print
Roy Dowell – Lithograph
Painting on paper
Lennon – Painting
Painting on paper
Lennon – Painting
Painting on paper
Lennon – Painting
Limited edition horse print
Basil Blackshaw – Print
Abstract print
Joseph Demarais – Intaglio Print
Corpora Untitled lithograph 1982
Antonio Corpora – Lithograph
wine corkscrew mezzotint
Laurent Schkolnyk – Mezzotint
Fulwider train railroad
Edwin Fulwider – Lithograph
Dorny abstract aquatints
SOLD – Bertrand Dorny – Aquatint
Dorny abstract aquatints
SOLD – Bertrand Dorny – Aquatint
Honda Violin & Piano print
Kazuhisa Honda – Aquatint
Cherries and pear mezzotint
SOLD – Laurent Schkolnyk – Mezzotint
Kasuhisa Honda print
SOLD Kazuhisa Honda – Mezzotint
Kasuhisa Honda print
SOLD – Kazuhisa Honda – Mezzotint
Abstract painting
Fabian Marcaccio – Painting
Ric Catlow painting
Rik Catlow – Mixed Media on Can
etching & drypoint with color
SOLD – Earl Horter – Etching & Drypoint
USA print
Jack Brusca – Lithograph
Kirk "Doorways" Portfolio 1975
Michael Kirk – Aquatint & Etching
Phantom Ball Print 2002
Monique Prieto – Silkscreen
Nevelson Lead Intaglio
Louise Nevelson – Lead Intaglio

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