A. G. Goréja – The Pleasure of Indulgence – Painting

Acrylic Painting on Paper

Ashraf Gohar Goréja (Pakistani – American 1936)

“The Pleasure of Indulgence”  


Acrylic on paper


Signed – Lower Right

22¼” x 29 7/8″ paper

31 7/8″ x 39½” framed 


Published: Shayne, Herb. “The Vision of A.G. Goréja”. SunStorm/Fine Art. Winter 1996. Pgs.60-61

The Vision of A. G. Goreja magazine article 1996

Sun Storm Fine Art Article 1996

Goreja magazine article

Sun Storm Fine Art Winter 1996

Inspired by the images and colors woven into the textiles made in his families factories, Goreja creates exciting works incorporating bold use of color and imagery.

Goreja is living in Georgia and is concentrating his efforts on his poetry.