Zak Prekop Abstract Painting

Contemporary Abstract painting

Zak Prekop (American 1979)



Oil and paper on canvas

72″ x 48″ 


abstract art


I start a lot of my paintings either by collaging shapes of paper on canvas or by applying paint directly to raw canvas with a pallet knife, usually with a single color in an incomplete or broken field. From there, the paintings diverge in various directions. In some recent works I’ve been flipping the paper collage over and re-stretching it so it’s visible through the canvas by transparency and as a kind of embossment in the surface. Some of these are left blank but others have painting on the surface, which brings forward forms from the collage behind the canvas, visually collapsing or weaving together the layers of paint, canvas and paper. ~ Zak Prekop in an interview with Daniel Byers – Flash Art – Oct. 2011

The Brooklyn-based artist Zak Prekop has honed a distinctive style with an undeniably contemporary feel, all while employing formalist elements that abstractionists have been using for more than a century.  ~  – Art In America