Tim Hawkinson – Bird Box

2006 Side Street Projects, Phantom Ball Print

Tim Hawkinson (American 1960)

“Bird Box”


Lightjet Chromogenic Print


2.4″ x 4.7″ x 2.4 assembled

Side Street Projects – Phantom Ball edition



Side Street Projects, Phantom Ball print

 Lightjet Chromogenic print.               Uncut, as published.

Authentication certificate

Certificate of Authenticity from Side  Street Projects

Tim Hawkinson’s idiosyncratic creations are meditations on nature, machines, mortality, the body and human consciousness. Since the 1980’s, the artist has used common found and store-bought materials, handcrafted objects, and machines to shift familiar subject matter off-kilter, creating visual conundrums and conceits imbued with deeper meaning.

** You will receive the uncut sheet. a copy was made and assembled for display. This copy will be shred upon the sale of this work. The shredded copy can be sent to the buyer if requested.