THH 70 – $10,000 Buddha

Hirsch painting acrylic on paper

THH 70 (Todd Hirsch, American 1970)

“Ten Thousand Dollar Buddha”


Acrylic on paper

12″ x 9″ paper


His nom de plume was conceived in 1994 as a stage name for his other career as a recording artist. He is now an accomplished visual artist, with his works in private and corporate collections on every continent.  Since 2000, he has sold over 1400 original mixed media pieces. 

THH70 is recognized for his unique artistic approach that he has branded “Lo-Fi Urban Abstract Graffiti,” combining crude painterly techniques and utilizing materials and media with his own style of raw illustration and stream-of-consciousness linguistics.

THH70 works and resides in Los Angeles, CA.

(Alternative, Pop, Outsider, Graffiti, Fluxus, Dada, Contemporary, Modern, Lowbrow, Urban, Abstract, Graphic Design, Folk)