Miles Davis – Original Pen Drawing – Black

Miles Davis Jazz Trumpet

American ( b. 1926 d. 1991)

Untitled – 3 Women Totem


Black ink on Japanese paper

Signed: Bottom center


8¾″ x 5¾″ paper

16 5/8″ x 13½″ framed

Provenance: Private Collection, Ohio – Nerlino Gallery, NY

Miles Davis Jazz Trumpet

Close Up

Miles was a world famous innovator and his work in albums such as Bitches Brew and Sketches of Spain influenced generations of musicians. In 1980 Miles began to focus his talent in a new direction and started seeking expression not just through his music but also through visual art. He began with primitive figures and then experimented in color and composition. In contrast to his rich formal education as a musician, Miles as an artist was mostly self-taught. As his work matured his direction changed with integrating, swirling abstracts and strong African inspired textures, filling his studio with tribal masks and haunting images of African art. He was moved to incorporate the essence of this rich imagery in his paintings. He transformed his world of sound into shapes and colors and worked primarily with acrylic, pastes, pencil and markers, especially favoring large canvasses with ample space.      ~ Excerpts of biography taken from