Mike Maxwell – Painting – Jealousy

aka: Sal Paradise

Mike Maxwell (American b. 1979)

   signing “Sal Paradise” with “M” monogram on front



Oil on board

12″ x 11 ¾ ” 


aka: Sal Paradise

Mike Maxwell signing Sal Paradise

Born in 1979 San Diego based artist Mike Maxwell has built a loyal following with his signature stone-blue faces, gloomy churches & beautiful windmills. Self-taught & continuously improving in his work, the poetic dreamy scenes examine humanity, conceptuality, genetics, & consciousness. With subtle changes in both theme and process, Maxwell has sharpened his skill providing more depth in his current work. Maxwell’s choice of color is deliberate and with purpose reflecting a lack of race and ambiguity in, his stone blue faced pieces.

Mike’s work has been shown nationwide and overseas at galleries in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Japan, London, and Australia.

Mike lives and works in San Diego, CA

Articles about Mike can be seen in: Juxtapoz, San Diego Union Tribune, City Beat, 944, Color, Fahrenheit, Exit Strategy, Arkitip, Faesthic.