Martin Kersels – Tripping Photographs

Kersels Tripping Photos

Martin Kersels (American 1960)

Tripping Series 1 (A, B, C) 3 pieces

C-Print Photographs


Edition of 6

19.25″ x 28.75″ sight size

25.5″ x 30″ framed

$8,500.00 (A, B, C)

Kersels Tripping Phtots


Kersels Tripping Photos



Martin Kersels’ body of work ranges from the collaborative performances with the group SHRIMPS (1984-1993) to large-scale sculptures. He is best known for his laughter-inducing works that consider the dichotomies of humor and pathos within the human condition. Interested in pushing themes of scale, tension, and the effects of gravity into more conceptual directions, Kersels injects a playfulness in his work to reveal the awkwardness associated with not belonging. Documentation of performances through photography and video, which shows the artist experimenting within his own body in a series of simple actions— tossing, falling, hugging, smacking, tripping, and whirling.