Lucien Coutaud – Les Belles de Mer – Etching

Limited edition surrealist print

Lucien Coutaud (French 1904-1977)

“Les Belles de Mer”  (The Beautiful Sea)




Signed – Lower Right

11½” x 15½” plate

14″ x 17¾” paper (top edge has an uneven trim)


Condition Note: Slight fading around margin. Old hinge across top edge on reverse.

Surrealist etching


Although Jean Adhémar (then curator of prints at the Bibliothéque Nationale, Paris), called Coutaud, “the most famous surrealist printmaker”, he remains less known than most of the other important artists associated with the movement.

Coutaud’s work has been shown in galleries and museums in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Italy, and the U.S.