Leslie Wilton Art Glass (Blacksheep Glass) – Perfume Bottle

Blown Glass Perfume Bottle

Leslie Wilton Art Glass – (The artists formerly known as Blacksheep Glass) 

Perfume Bottle

Blown Glass & Torchwork

Unique – Beautiful Dragon Flower design

Signed on bottom

5¾” Tall


Black Sheep Glass was started by Leslie Wilton. She named her studio Blacksheep Glass because at the time there were very few women glassblowers.  “I felt that I was part of a rare breed…kind of like a black sheep”. Leslie was one of the very few women who was involved in the second wave of contemporary American Art Glass artists. In the beginning there were very few women glass artists allowed into the inner circles of the new field. She was a very prolific and creative glass artist. .  Clean forms, innovative designs, excellent technique and vivid color have always been important qualities in her work. 

In 2000 Leslie sold Blacksheep Glass to her long-time assistant, Scott Kempton.