Lee Bivens – “MotoGP Master” Casey Stoner

Ducati motorcycles

A. Lee Bivens (American 20th Century)

“MotoGP Master” – Casey Stoner #27 (Ducati) The 2007 World Superbike Champion

Offset Lithograph

Edition: AP 24/100


Signed in pencil PLUS Lee’s hand drawn (Remark) ArtDude logo of a road racer !

18½” x 24½” – paper


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Super Bike MotoGP Ducati

Edition number

World Super Bike MotoGP Ducati

Lee’s ArtDude Remark

MotoGP Ducati Super Bike

Signature in pencil

Lee Bivens has been a full time artist since he was 18 years old. His first big break came when RJReynolds Tobacco Co hired the talented young artist to paint the Smokin’ Joe Camel character. In 1991, Lee was fortunate to be the Atlanta Braves artist, Daytona Motor Speedway, Honda, BMW, Corvette, Lockheed Martin Aerospace (F22 Raptors’ official artist) major motorcycle and car racers, celebrities and the US Air Force. The Air Force artist appointment is for the rest of his life! He has also been published in Motorcyclist magazine as an expert.

For fun, he rides motorcycles either on the road, race track or motocross and has won races in both and also won Nationals in SuperMotard. His bikes include 2016 YZ450, R6 and a 1969 BSA 650 Lightning.