Jeffery Eason – Acrylic Painting

Jeffery Eason – Acrylic Painting

Jeffery Eason (American, Akron, Ohio – 20th Century)

“Don’t Look”


Acrylic on canvas

Signed & Titled – On Reverse

15″ x 30″ canvas size


Seemingly complicated, expensive and depressing, the inescapable reality of getting older is present in our lives.  And yet, many men in their golden years appear to be coping well with the weight of aging while seamlessly blending into today’s society. As impressive as this might sound, Jeffery is not focused on “his story”. He is interested in creating his own narratives through painting. Jeffrey uses a variety of both drawing and acrylic painting tools and techniques in his art.  Most of Jeffrey’s current work is inspired by his travels to Los Angeles, Cuba and Poland.

Jeffrey earned an MFA in Painting, and a MA in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in Painting from Syracuse University. 

Jeffrey has made Ohio his home for the past twenty years.  He is a full-time art teacher in a local independent day school in Akron and a full-time artist when he is not teaching.