Dennis Kleidon – Taliesin in Blue

Taliesin in Blue

Dennis Kleidon (American 20th Century)

“Taliesin in Blue”


Acrylic on Canvas

36″ x 36″


*Chicago-born artist Dennis Kleidon paints robust abstractions that explore the possibilities of paint in action, reveling in color in ways that appear at first to be intuitive, but soon reveal a sure sense of gesture – at once invigorating and calming.                                                                                                Kleidon received a master’s degree in art from Illinois State University and a bachelor’s degree in fine art from Illinois Wesleyan, studied architecture at the University of Illinois and taught at the University of Illinois and the University of Akron where he developed Designer Grids, a perspective drawing system for architects and designers.

Dennis has exhibited his artwork in solo and joint shows in galleries in Scottsdale, AZ & New York City, and in museums and juried exhibitions. The design work of Kleidon & Associates has aided clients in the United States, Canada and Europe. Kleidon now divides his time between his studios in Phoenix, Arizona, and Akron, Ohio.