Camille Bryen – Hassard Noir – Color Etching

Color Etching

Camille Bryen (French 1907-1977)

“Hassard Noir” 


Color Etching

Edition E.A. (épreuve d’artiste)

Signed in pencil LR

26″ x 19¼” paper

15½” x 11¾” plate


Color etching


Abstract etching

épreuve d’artiste edition

Artists signature

Signature LR in pencil

Camille Bryen (Briand) is a French painter, poet and engraver associated with Tachisme (a style of painting adopted by some French artists from the 1940s, involving the use of dabs or splotches of color, similar in aims to abstract expressionism). After having debuted in the 1920’s under the pseudonym Aristide, Bryen cosigns with Jean Arp, Marcel Duchamp and Francis Picabia the first “Dimensionist” manifesto, while being friends with several Surrealists, including Raoul Ubac. In 1948, along with Hans Hartung, Wols, Gérard Schneider and Georges Mathieu, exhibits in the first “Abstraction Lyrique” exhibition. After the 1950 book “Héréphile”, he has decided to no longer write, painting until the end of his life.