Buell Mullen – Steel Mill with Trains

painting on steel

Buell Mullen (American 1900 – 1986)

Untitled – Steel Mill with Trains

Epoxy on steel

1960 – 1975

34½” x 48″ steel mounted on board


*This work is VERY heavy! Note the drilled holes in the corners for mounting.

Epoxy painting on steel

Closeup of train

Epoxy painting on steel

Closeup of figures

Signed Buell Mullen


Mrs. Mullen was a groundbreaking muralist who developed a process for painting on metal, including stainless steel, aluminum, chromium, copper and gold. The metal method was evolved through eight years of rigorous experimentation. Using a surface prepared by etching and acid, she learned how to accomplish a sound union between the metals and oil paints.

Mullen’s murals can be found in numerous corporations, banks, universities and government buildings across the U.S.