The Portfolio of Fine Comic Art #1 – National Cartoonists Society

Cartoonists illustration art

National Cartoonists Society Presents The Portfolio of Fine Comic Art Vol. #1

Published 1978 by Collectors Press

Portfolio cover art by Hal Foster ’77 (not signed)

Set of 14 prints by legendary comic names with all plates signed and numbered out of 1,500 by the respective artists. With cardboard envelope as issued also numbered.

Excellent Condition

Each plate is printed on archival fine art paper, and measures 12″ x 16″

  1. “Treasure” (The Spirit) by Will Eisner
  2. “B.C.” by Johnny Hart
  3. “The Witch” by Barry Windsor-Smith
  4. “Variations on a Theme: No. 39” (Batman) by Jerry Robinson
  5. “Idyll” by Wally Wood
  6. “Hero Image” by Milton Caniff
  7. “Scared” by Harvey Kurtzman
  8. “The Eagle Takes Coup” by John Severin
  9. “Cosmic Message” by Russell Myers
  10. “Chandler” by Steranko
  11. “Partners in Action” (Captain America and Bucky) by Jack Kirby
  12. “Woman” by Jeffrey Jones
  13. “Flash Gordon” by Al Williamson
  14. “The Four Horsemen” by Burne Hogarth

Price: $750.00 


The Spirit by Will Eisner

Comic strip illustration

“B.C.” by Johnny Hart

Illustration art

Batman by Jerry Robinson


Flash Gordon by Al Williamson